When better doesn’t seem like it

I’ll be a bit more transparent here. It doesn’t matter that I’m a therapist, at least in this context. I am human, and I feel. I fail, I hurt, I stumble, and I cry. July and August was a dark time for me but I endured. As much as I didn’t want to, I started to journal. It’s October, and I’m looking back at what I wrote- and every sentence just seems so raw.

But it was then that I also wrote the most pertinent and uplifting content to my own journey. On one page I wrote down my own proverbs as well as ones that I’ve heard of, and called this piece “When Better Doesn’t Seem Like It”.

Better it is to sink with faith than to swim without it.

Better it is to find you in solitude than to lose you in a crowd.

Better it is to die in vein than to live without purpose.

Better it is to enjoy the moment than to fear the future.

Stronger is a tiny flame in a darkened room.

Stronger is a sacrifice than to watch the world drown.

Stronger is a patient heart than one that rushes.

And here is something you can have in mind while hiking up in the woods:

For your anxiety: focus on the tree in front of you, not the whole forest.

For your depression: focus on the whole forest, not the tree in front of you.

Faith is not the result of striving, but a result of surrender. – Bill Johnson


8 thoughts on “When better doesn’t seem like it

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    You have created a fine blog. Being a blogger and a therapist is always a curiously challenging adventure. One is public and open, and yet tries not to be too public and overly vulnerable. I find there are surprisingly few of us? Anyway, thanks for following my blog. I have been writing less of late and look forward to writing more in the weeks ahead.

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